Digital therapies

for rehabilitation

DigitalRehab Ltd. is developing AuReha, a Digital Therapeutic Device for neuromotor rehabilitation. AuReha will make possible innovative models of remote rehabilitation, where it will no longer be necessary for the patient to reach the rehabilitation center in order to access therapy with the necessary continuity.
Thanks to AuReha, the therapist will be able to objectify, measure, and monitor his or her work, so as to provide patients with evidence-based performance and be guided by credible data that can make physiotherapy more engineered, for more precise analysis of patients’ goals and progress.

This system consists of a mesh with inertial sensors for motion capture. The patient, after putting on the mesh and placing himself in front of a PC screen has the opportunity to perform, within a virtual environment and through an avatar that follows the patient’s movements in real time, rehabilitative exercises aimed at improving motor function, in the form of playful activities in which he is required to achieve certain game goals.
The software collects and processes data collected from inertial sensors through an AI-based algorithm that can analyze and process millions of data points in real time to facilitate patient follow-up, adapt to the real possibilities expressed by the patient in the performance of an exercise itself, and provide an objective clinical score indicative of the patient’s actual motor skills and monitor the progress of the rehabilitation intervention.

AuReha will constitute a digital therapeutic with documented clinical benefit, as it undergoes clinical trials in recognized health facilities and certification as a medical device according to the new Directive 745/746.


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