Digital Rehab srl


DigitalRehab’s equity crowdfunding campaign kicks off

DigitalRehab srl, an innovative start-up dedicated to the research, development and commercialisation of certified digital m.otor and cognitive rehabilitation therapies, announces the launch of its equity crowdfunding campaign.

Digital Therapeutic for Motor Rehabilitation at I-RIM 2022

“I-RIM 3D: the Three Days of Robotics and Intelligent Machines,” in Milan from October 13 to 15, 2022.

Digital Rehabilitation in the Next Normality

The Conference “Digital Rehabilitation in the Next Normalcy” aims to deepen the role that citizens and patients can and should play in this evolution in the new scenario of ‘Next Normality’, the next post-pandemic everyday life.

Digital Therapeutics in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Today, the scientific societies are setting up sections and working groups to encourage, support and guide the digital transformation of Physiatry and Physiotherapy.

Digital Medicine, Digital Rehabilitation

The digital transformation of health and medicine is not only limited to the monitoring of the patient’s physiological and pathological parameters, but is increasingly affecting therapy and rehabilitation.