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DigitalRehab srl has adopted this policy for the management of cookies that are used to improve the experience of visitors to the DigitalRehab site. What they are and how they are used on the sites of DigitalRehab srl is explained below. If you do not want cookies to be collected while browsing our sites, you can change the settings of your browser and / or your mobile device in order to be notified or you can choose to limit or block cookies. Cookies are small files, made up of a string of letters and numbers, placed on the computer by the web page servers. They allow the website operator to be able to identify you precisely among other website visitors. Cookies cannot be executed as code or used to spread viruses and cannot allow access to the user’s hard drive. It is not possible to access information on the hard drive, even if cookies are stored on it. DigitalRehab srl on its sites exclusively uses its own technical and analytical cookies, in anonymized format, from third parties:

Technical cookies

These cookies are essential in order to allow navigation on the site and make its features available, such as access to protected areas of the website. They allow the site to store, where applicable, the choices that the user makes, his username, language or region of belonging and allow you to provide a more advanced personal browsing experience.

Third party analytics (in anonymized format)

These cookies collect, anonymously, site usage data, such as number of pages viewed, number of sessions, exit links, entry links, etc. Since data is processed anonymously, current legislation equates these cookies to technical ones, as it is not possible to obtain specific information on users, as they are processed by obfuscating the last part of the IP address. The third-party cookies currently in use are the following:

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To learn more about how to manage cookies, you can consult the “Help” function of your browser, the settings of your mobile device or you can visit the website, which provides detailed information on managing cookies on most browsers. widespread. The user must be aware that parts of the site may not function properly if cookies are disabled.