Digital Therapeutic for Motor Rehabilitation at I-RIM 2022

daVi DigitalMedicine reports the intervention of DigitalRehab srl at “I-RIM 3D: the Three Days of Robotics and Intelligent Machines” with the communication “Towards the digitalization of upper limbs rehabilitation: integration of a functional calibration procedure and usability study” by Camilla Larini, Silvia Sciamanna, Gabriele Ceruti, Giuseppe Recchia, Francesca Salaorni, Marialuisa Gandolfi, Michele Tinazzi, Federico Schena, Alice Ravizza, Pietro Garofalo, Michele Raggi in Milan on October 15, 2022.


Since neuro-motor disorders have a primary relevance, rehabilitative therapies supported by medical devices are needed. The combination of serious games and IMUs is promising: this work focuses on a digital device allowing the patients to perform rehabilitation for upper limbs at home, for which integration of a functional calibration procedure to compensate the STS misalignment, a validation study, and a usability study were implemented. Results have revealed a general willingness to use the device and these findings will be used for the development of a new digital rehabilitation system.